Aksiniya Peycheva is a transdisciplinary artist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The focus of her work is the process of ‘visual translation’ where she explores the possible ways of moving pieces of information between different fields of knowledge – ‘how one or several scientific fields can be combined in order to answer a question only important to art.’

She often collaborates with scientists, and her projects are also accompanied by a theoretical part, the result of a long study on certain topics, which include the topic of the visual translation of music or pain.

Light, kinetic, interactive of multilayered glass installations, her works contain different layers of information, using various scientific methodologies, which can be explored as an attempt to redefine the fields of knowledge and to rethink the initial need to set their boundaries.

2015 – 2019 - PhD at National Art Academy, Sofia;
2017 - School4Artists, post-graduate education at Institute for Contemporary Art, Sofia;
2015 – 2013 - MA in Mural Art, National Art Academy, Sofia
2013 – 2009 - BA in Mural Art, National Art Academy, Sofia


2021, April -
solo show at Heerz Tooya Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo, supported by DA Lab Foundation and curated by Galina Dimitrova;
2021, March - group show ‘Occurrences of Abundance’, SAMCA (Sofia Arsenal Museum of Contemporary art)
2020, December - group show ‘Insistu - institut’, at ICA - Sofia Gallery
2019, September - Ars Electronica Festival 'Out of the Box', Linz, Austria with the project Trauma Mapping;
2019, April –
group show Carbon; at The Red Dot Gallery, Sofia; curated by Slav Nedev; bioart installation Art Prototypes;
2019, January – group show Instant Magic Series – Out of the Box at Aether, Sofia; curated by Voin de Voin; multilayered glass installation;
2018, November – solo exhibition Trauma Mapping at ICA, Sofia; curated by Luchezar Boyadjiev; installation;
2018, January – solo exhibition Lucus, at Poly Galerie, Karlsruhe; interactive light-art installation;
2017, November – group exhibition Close Encounters at ICA Sofia; curated by Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Krassimir Terziev; bioart installation Mapping Alex;
2017, May – solo show Lucus, at Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master Gallery, Kyustendil, supported by the National Culture Fund; interactive light-art installation;
2016, July – group show at Water Tower Art Fest, Fading Stones, curated by Nia Pushkarova; light-art installation;
2016, April – group show at LUMMIX Light Art Fest, light-art installation Fading Stones;
2015, September – group show at Digital Art Fest, workshop Electricity Matters; curated by Natalia Petkova; sound-art performance Random Pattern;

2018 – Gaudenz Ruf Award for the Project Trauma Mapping;
2012 – Golden medal for digital drawing, Haskovo;
2011 – Award for a mural painting at the German Embassy in Sofia;
2017-2018 – scholarship from American Foundation for Bulgaria